Tuesday, April 27, 2010

as if millions of tulips suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced

It's still snowing, people.

Mojie just sent me this photo from her front yard. I will be hibernating with my éclairs until Saturday, when it's supposed to be, I kid you not, 78 degrees.


  1. For some bizarre reason, for the last three months Down East Maine has had one of the most even tempered climates in the country. Unusually mild weather, relatively storm free, and no snow. Go figure.

    and thanks for the smokey chick pea recipe. Dinner was delicious.

  2. i thought of you this morning when I said out loud as I slipped & slid up my hill: "Still got my snow tires on bitches!"

  3. We'd been having a very mild spring as well, DED. And now we're not. Glad you enjoyed the chickpeas. Mojie, please note that the chickpeas are "delicious."

    Nice use of the word bitches, Suz.

  4. I am still skeptical about the chickpeas. Maybe the DED will make them for me.