Sunday, May 23, 2010

there is no now here

I can't say I'm sorry that's over. Not that I've missed a single episode.


  1. So maybe the finale wasn't as intellectually rewarding as it could have been, but if you didn't find it emotionally rewarding, I think you need your soul inspected. Possibly by the Smoke Monster.

    The episode has me thinking: What if GFD Comments is the place we have all created to reunite in our afterlives, in order to learn to let go? What if you are our constant? But PS, even though you're one of my favorite people, if Charlottesville was the most meaningful experience of my life, I'm going to be SUPER PISSED.

  2. We made the asparagus, potato and pancetta hash last night. Yummy. A certain 5 year old ate 3, count 'em, 3 helpings. There was none left in the pan. We cooked it with the eggs, but you didn't tell us how to cook them. So, we made it up. cCacked them on top, put on a lid, and enjoyed! Thanks.

    As for LOST, not a viewer.....but the season finale of Grey's Anatomy! Now, there's a show!

  3. You'd think if one commented, they would proofread. That is "cracked"!

  4. His Momma, couldn't agree more about the Grey's finale! That was a nailbiter.

  5. I meant I'm glad the whole show is over; it felt like that island was a dead horse the producers could not stop beating. Or maybe a golden cow they couldn't stop milking. Or something. But we definitely need to discuss, Q, and there are some obvious connections between C-ville and that show, e.g., you and Jack have many physical and character traits in common, and the yachtsman and I are basically Rose and Bernard. And I think we both know who played the part of Benjamin Linus and will be left sitting alone outside the church.

    HM, I cooked my egg sunny side up (separately from the hash) and then served it atop the hash. I also thought Amy's comment about making a frittata was brilliant. Glad you all liked them (and can't wait to hopefully see you sometime soon!).