Thursday, May 20, 2010

good things

1. Asparagus with walnut crema. Remember asparagus with walnut crema? I posted about it a year ago today, and after that went on to make it approximately twice a week until asparagus went out of season. If you came to my house for a meal last spring or early summer, you ate asparagus with walnut crema. And you liked it. Not just because I told you to, but because it's really, really good. It's my favorite aspragus dish, in fact, or perhaps asparagus is my favorite vehicle for walnut crema (which I've also eaten on toast, vegetables, and the end of my finger). Whatevs, just make some. This weekend, please.

2. Personal assistants.

I don't make him sit back there, he does it by choice, probably to avoid doing any work.

3. Husbands.

Mine cleaned the apartment last night while I went out for (a delicious) dinner with the lovely Li-Ry. If you had any idea how filthy our house was, you would be very, very impressed.

Happy weekend, bitches.


  1. Cheddar bunnies! What is he doing behind that chair??

  2. I say! That P.A. of yours is all kinds of cute, and your husbands looks especially manly on his motorcycle in that picture! Well done! Also, I didn't have asparagus with walnut crema last spring or early summer and I'm hoping for a rain check this spring or early summer! Let me know. I'll ride my bike right on over. And you know how I always travel with wine when I invite myself to someones house for dinner!

  3. I'm just saying, I never got any walnut crema either and I believe you own Labee and I a dinner for walking Chet a while back.

  4. Since said husband did all that housework, it gives Mr. P quite the excuse to a kept man. I want one of my own. A personal assistant, that is, not a kept man.

  5. God no, not a kept man! They require keeping!!

  6. Better that our loving, doting men keep us instead.

  7. Matt Labee & Mojie, you are definitely owed a dinner at which *I* provide both the wine and the walnut crema. Perhaps the weekend after next? I'll check with the y-man to make sure we're not out of town or something and shoot you both an email.

    LL & SF, there's a pecking order in my house: I am the kept woman of the y-man, CAM is my lazy-ass kept dog.

  8. That seems fair to me. Speaking of which, I always seem to recognize CAM on the streets of Burlington far before I see your smiling face(s). I think he's the best looking, Peanut-y, personal assistant in town!

    We have a similar pecking order at Chez NickFace, except I do a fair amount of keeping when I'm not at Grump Factor 9 (which was yesterday): Nick keeps me, I keep him, and we both keep the royalty known as Catman.