Thursday, June 10, 2010

last week's booty

The reason I'm not posting recipes is that I'm just not cooking, except to soft boil an egg to serve over asparagus, or perhaps sauté some greens. Most of what I'm eating is from the farmers market, and so delicious in its simplest form, no recipe is required.

Raw, with sea salt, or sea-salty butter, or sliced on top of sea-salty buttered toast.

Pea shoots! Lightly sautéed, or mixed with baby greens for salad.

Doe's Leap Trappist. Sliced, bitches. Just slice off a piece and pop it in your mouth. No cracker or bread required.

Strawberries. At least twice a day I eat a bowlful of strawberries, usually with some Greek yogurt. Can't. Get. Enough. [Note to yachtsman: It's shortcake time, honey, which is like Hammer time, except instead of dressing up in your Hammer pants and lip synching in the kitchen you make me a little biscuit-like cake to eat with my strawberries. Can't touch this.]

Freshly picked whoopie pies.

This weekend I'm hoping for peas. Also, some deeply discounted peonies. Also, I hope whoopie pies are still in season.


  1. Sleepless night at the Dilettarium. Probably that third diet coke. I had the best whoopie pie I've had in my entire life today at the local baker. And I've had a lot of whoopie pies.

    And first thing I'm doing Saturday is heading Farmer's Market. I want me some of those radishes sliced on sea salty buttery toast. So many good ideas, so little time.

  2. DED- I am concerned about your sleeplessness. 256 AM? Yikes!

    I have to put in a plug for the baby radishes with the sea salty butter. Also, if you put a little olive oil and sea salt on the greens, all the better!