Tuesday, June 15, 2010

rich in so many ways

A few thank yous are in order:

1. Thank you, Anonymous, for the peonies.

I felt like a bride walking home through the rain with that bouquet Saturday morning,

and the honeymoon is not over: I get such pleasure every time I pass the feather-petaled pink and white pom-poms spilling abundantly from a vase on my kitchen table.

2. Thank you to everyone who donated for the bowl-a-thon: With your generous support I was able to raise over $500 for VARF. Which brings me to...

3. Thank you to my lovely husband, who served as my pinch bowler on Saturday night when I realized I have more work this week than I can possibly do.

This photo is of someone else's lovely husband, taken by my own.

He bowled, I stayed home and proofread. Which brings me to...

I have more work this week than I can possibly do, so I probably won't be posting much. But the yachtsman has promised a Recommends—let's all thank him in advance, shall we?


  1. Those peonies are stunning! Anonymous is a very loyal and amazing GFD reader obviously. Wow, he/she is lovely as are her/his flowers!!!

  2. He's such a good boy! Obviously, a fine upbringing.

  3. What a lovely post - I enjoyed both the pictures and the prose! I hope that you're working from home so that in between breaks you can gaze upon your beautiful flowers!

  4. I, for one, am waiting with baited breath (what on earth does that MEAN?) for the Yachtsman Recommends! Hopefully it won't include dried pork or beef this time.

  5. So gorgeous. Hope they make the work-overwhelm more gently on you.

  6. HEY! Where is my Yachtsman Recommends?!?! It is Wednesday night for christ's sake!

  7. The flowers and Anonymous are both lovely, LL, I agree!

    And I agree with you, too, His Momma: He's a fine boy who clearly was raised well.

    Amy, I am working from home (mostly), and yesterday I took a couple stems into my office to keep me company while I trudge through all of this.

    And crankycheryl, having something beautiful to look at does somehow make hard things less difficult!

    Re: the yachtsman recommends, he's working on it as I type this...

  8. EBiddie, Darlin, it's BATED breath, as in "held in suspense"; not baited, as in wormy or fishy.

  9. Ooooh....now I get it. Having grown up on the coast of north Florida where we fished with live bait, I was sure this had something to do with eating the leftover shrimp. Thank you MADeWH (and what on earth does THAT mean?)