Monday, August 9, 2010


Dear Summer,

I know you're thinking about leaving me—maybe not now, or next week, but soon—and I'm writing to beg you to stay. It's true that I've been busy with work, and we haven't had much time for our favorite things, like swimming and biking and walking to the creemee stand. But I swear I don't take you for granted, and I would never be unfaithful. I have not looked twice at the cooler, almost autumnal days that have passed through lately, no matter how beautiful they were. I don't want Fall, Summer, I want you. Don't you get it? We belong together. I love everything about you: your long, light-filled days and dreamily warm nights; your lush green fields and trees; the abundance you bring of flowers and fruits and fireflies; the way you throw your arm around my shoulders to keep me warm; how well you feed me. I even love your afternoon thunderstorms and heat waves; your mosquito bites and bee stings. While I can barely stand the tourists with whom I share you, if a state full of French Canadians and flatlanders is the price of keeping you around, I'll pay it with a smile (or maybe a long lean on the horn—seriously, people, where did you learn how to drive?). Please, Summer, don't go.

Always yours,


  1. Where will you be publishing this? This is the kind of writing you do that I so love!!

  2. There is a slight grammatical error in your next-to-last sentence, "--seriously, people, where did you learn how to drive?". Here in Maine the sentence in full reads: "seriously, people, where the F*#K did you learn how to drive?" Notice the shift in emphasis. Maybe it's just a difference in regional dialects between Maine & Vermont. We also have a variation: "Jeez Krist, are you Goddam trying to get yourself run over?"

    Seriously, I share your lament, beautifully written. All of a sudden, summer is gone too fast.

  3. From one friend to another: Summer is sure to leave if you keep acting this desperate.

  4. i've asked friday to marry me multiple times. He's fickle though. good luck with summer.

  5. You're sweet, Anon, thanks.

    Nice catch, DED, I can't believe I left that out--we do speak the same f*#king dialect in the Vermont.

    Good point, Q. I guess I'll play hard to get with summer and see how that works out.

    Suzanne: As someone who works mostly from home, mostly for herself, Fridays mean nothing to me. And yet I'm not a big fan of Mondays...