Monday, August 16, 2010

where i've been

Cozying up to the space heater at a frigid, over-air-conditioned office.

Among other exotic locations. Speaking of which...look, it's Chester!

Cozying up to the yachtsman's boot at a different over-air-conditioned office.

We're living the high life, obviously.


  1. While I cannot comment on toe cleavage (due to my expansive foot phobia), I can definitely comment on the adorable flats, which I was also admiring on Saturday!

    May your feet always remain warm in those perfect shoes!

  2. Thanks, J Quizzle. I count on you to notice these things.

    Steph, those shoes are on their very last legs (feet? soles?), but I refuse to let them go. If you come across the perfect black flat let me know, as I'll be in the market by next summer. And thanks for stopping by on Saturday -- it was lovely to see you and Taco!