Thursday, September 9, 2010

conquering the csa, biblical stylee

Like it says in the bible, when life hands you raspberries, make popsicles. Never mind that it's 57 degrees and rainy; who are you to question the word of God? Throw two cups of raspberries into the blender, heretic,

along with two cups of whole-milk yogurt, one-third cup of sugar, and one teaspoon of lemon juice. Thou shalt blend until smooth, and then press the mixture through a strainer into a bowl with a spout.

From the bowl with a spout pour the now-seedless liquid into popsicle molds, or, if you don't own popsicle molds (and who does?), into whatever small containers you can scrounge up, including the pretty Moroccan-mint-tea glasses your husband gave you, and the tall, skinny shot glasses a Mexican guy you barely know sent to you from his homeland after coming to a party at your house and being served a, god forbid, margarita (apparently tequila is meant for sipping out of tall, skinny shot glasses, not mixing with lime juice and orange liqueur). Freeze until the raspberry mixture begins to set, around half an hour, then plunge a popsicle stick into each one.

Don't have popsicle sticks? WWJD? Pray on it.

That's right, he would break in half the disposable chopsticks that accompanied takeout Vietnamese and are now clogging the silverware drawer and use those.

Maybe don't put the splintery end into the popsicle, my child.

And it was so.

Freeze the popsicles until very hard. To eat, run the mold (or shot glass, as the case may be) under hot water and wiggle the stick around to remove the pop, and rejoice unto the popsicle.

Supermodel P.Loz
Next week I'll tell you about how the Lord summoned me to the mount and told me to roast tomatoes, and how I did not forsake him.

[Popsicle recipe adapted from Orangette.]


  1. What gorgeous reds and pinks - very cheery on this dreary morning!

  2. I want a Popsicle, those sound delish! Can we see a finished one?

  3. Am I being graded now? I'm glad you didn't let me know about the Cs and Ds and Fs.

    There's a popsicle here with your name on it, Mrs. Palmenter! And one for Thomas, too, though I think we should remove that splintery stick first...

    Come and get it, Mojie. And I added some more photos, too (the popsicles weren't frozen in time to take photos last night before the post went up).

  4. For the record, dear future viewer, I said amen *before* the addition of the creepy popsicle eating picture. Lest ye think I'm some sort of sinner.

  5. P-loz is beautiful.

    J-shu is a pervert.

    This is my first blog comment!

  6. ooh la la!! we're doing this. amen.