Tuesday, January 18, 2011

champagne wishes/caviar dreams/books

Flavorwire recently posted these photos of "libraries of the rich and famous" that (I never thought I'd say this) made me fall in love, just a little bit, with Rod Stewart.

With Rod Stewart, his frumpy couches, stuffed bunny, and built-ins.


  1. Funny how love hits, isn't it?

    How goes the winter survival? Here in Maine, which is really just Vermont with an ocean, I officially cracked today, with at least two months to go...

  2. I would not have matched the man to the room, but it just goes to show . . .

  3. Apparently it is Jimmy Stewart's library, not Rod's, so you can dodge out of the new love affair!

  4. DED, the winter survival is a total bust. I cracked in mid-December, and it's been straight downhill since then. I'm assuming that at the bottom of the hill will be spring. If not, a trip to the mental hospital, perhaps.

    Classicist, apparently the man is not, in fact, matched to the room...

    That makes much more sense, Sidekick. It actually wasn't the library I loved so much as the incongruity of it being Rod Stewart's. But I'm relieved to not, in fact, be even a little bit in love with Rod Stewart.

  5. OK, I can relate to "finishing a first draft of a novel". I am someone who reckoned one of the perks of studying mathematics at university was the complete absence of the need to write full sentences of any description, so actually writing a novel really did seem an impossible dream a few years ago.

    Now I've climbed that mountain, publication (heck, even representation) still seems worlds beyond reach, and therefore perfectly dreamworthy.

    But, no holds barred?

    I want to be compared (favourably) to Frank Herbert. I want youngsters to spend lunch hours at school reading my books like I read as a kid. I want teenage girls to dream of kicking ass like Shayla Carver. I want science geeks to have heated arguments between classes over the fractal folding of space and the physics of particle beam weapons. I want to inspire a new generation to pick up books again.

    And I want to earn enough from my bestsellers to be financially secure so I can spend more "me" time with my art, my writing, and my family

  6. OK, this is spooky. I was Googling one of my character names to see if it had been used elsewhere, and I found the above comment had been cribbed wholesale from something I wrote on another writer's blog here

    How bizarre.