Wednesday, February 9, 2011

there's a nespresso machine in the apt. where we're staying

And I have every intention of squirreling it away in my bag to take home. Other things I plan to steal from Buenos Aires: our tango teacher, Anabella

(we've taken lessons nearly every day but still dance like a pair of monkeys, which is a huge improvement over when we first arrived and danced like a pair of donkeys); a recipe for licuados, a juicy, fruity drink that's like a smoothie without the dairy;

the open terrace doors of this apartment and the warm air that blows through them;

a milonga or two for late-night dancing;

a life of sleeping late and eating late and drinking malbec and dancing every day.

Fuck it, bitches, I'm staying.


  1. So you're having a fantastic time in Buenos Aires, we get it--but can you get vajazzled there?

    Didn't think so.

  2. And yet J Quizz - it seems they have everything in Buenos Aires!

  3. That's just great, Sarah, thanks, we'll never get the blog mistress to return now!

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