Saturday, May 14, 2011

cookies: they're what's for breakfast

Behold my favorite cookies!

The salty oat,

and its younger sibling, the chocolate salty oat.

Because it contains oats and raisins, the salty oat is health food and constitutes a nutritious breakfast or lunch. Because it's chocolate, the chocolate salty oat is suitable for dessert.

I discovered these cookies while living in DC—a friend recommended I try a salty oat, I refused (raisins, blech), he insisted, I acquiesced (did I really need to be talked into eating a cookie?), and the rest is buttery, salty, oat-y history. Just before we moved back to Vermont, the chocolate salty oat was invented; I once again resisted (shredded coconut, blech), was forced against my will to try a bite, and the rest is chocolaty, salty, oat-y history. Now I buy a bundle of cookies whenever we visit Washington, as we did last weekend. I think you know what I've been eating for breakfast, lunch, and dessert since we returned home. And it turns out salty oats can be ordered online. Cookies for breakfast for everyone!


  1. I was the recipient of a six pack of these last week. I'm just sayin', I would not hesitate to smack a bitch for one of these cookies!

  2. Awesome !! yummy recipe and that's good look. interesting this post so thanks