Friday, April 17, 2009

hello, losers!

I'm writing to you from Denver, where for reasons I don't entirely understand I'll be spending another night before heading to Trinidad tomorrow.

In an example of pathetic fallacy, it is both snowing and thundering outside: The weather, too, is at grump factor 6! But the weather does not have five episodes of Gossip Girl on its iPod to lie in bed and watch.

[A note to the Mister Who Will Not Watch Gossip Girl: This is an actual line from an episode I watched on the plane yesterday, spoken by one character trying to comfort another after a family secret has been revealed: "We could both use a distraction. I say we play Boggle or watch a trashy movie. I rented Showgirls!" Seriously, Mister, if you have not watched the first season by the time I return home (which may be tomorrow if the freakout/meltdown looming on my horizon actually occurs), I might have to stop being your friend. Unless I go through with my plan to kidnap and keep you as my slave baker, in which case we will be master/servant (which is sort of like being friends) for life.]

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  1. Thunder and snow - Kate you sure know how to pick the great spots to which to travel. Glad you are safe and suitably equipped with your iPod. Dad