Thursday, May 28, 2009

caught between a rock & a cream puff

I went to the monthly Penny Cluse dinner tonight, where I ate lobster roll, fried calamari, fresh anchovies, clam chowder, baked oysters, stuffed shells, clams, corn on the cob, roasted red potatoes, linguica sausage, braised leeks, rapini, and strawberry rhubarb shortcake.

While I was eating, the yachtsman was flying home from San Francisco bearing the gift of the magi World's Best Cream Puff. It's now 10:30 & I really couldn't be less hungry, but this cream puff, already nine hours old, won't make it through the night. There's definitely no room at the inn, but I'm thinking I can make a place for it in the manger.


  1. It would appear that you do have the Best Husband in the World. Any man who returns from a trip with coveted food earns huge brownie points. Although, a certain Man who Consorts with Seafood did bring me a plastic mug bearing the likenesses of a witch, dog and tornado Kansas 2 years ago. I'll take what I can get.

    Also, what's with the Fisherman-beardo bag? Doesn't the yachtsman have his own line of products yet?

  2. The yachtsman should definitely have his own line of products, but the bearded guy is the cream-puff mascot -- the name of the store where Chris bought them is "Beard Papa's." Which makes sense: When I think of cream puffs, I think of bearded old men. And when I think of the yachtsman, I think of...lately I think of hair pomade, which perhaps should be the first item in his new line of products.