Tuesday, May 26, 2009

midmorning snack

Radishes and microbasil butter on, you guessed it, toast.

Because it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks that don't involve toast.


  1. What is micro-basil butter? And where can I get me some? That freshness-toast creation looks fantastic! My lunch today consisted of lentil soup and a Porteguese roll toasted with garlic hummus & Monterey Jack cheese. I think I may be trying to woo my own 'toast boyfriend,' despite my metabolism's aversion to carbs.

  2. That lunch sounds delicious! But I cannot believe that the woman who can justify the eating of chocolate with rat poop doesn't know that carbs are a miracle health food (trust me; I eat toast all day long, and I'm healthy as a horse -- a horse with really big thighs).

    Microbasil butter is just microbasil smashed up in some butter. I'm not sure what microbasil is, but my stepmother bought it for me at the farmers market -- it's pretty and a little spicy, which is how I like both my microbasil and my yachtsmen.

  3. Ohhh, the rationalization of carbs. I could write many an ode. However, I find that the more complex the carb (with their mind games), the more bloated I feel. And therefore guilty. And therefore the shame spiral is not nearly worth it enough for me to indulge in daily bread.

    Luckily, I have a huge weakness for a very healthy carb in which I indulge without moderation: almonds. Almonds can be dipped in chocolate, hummus, cream cheese or tuna fish and I'm sold. I would gladly partake of some 'gruel a la nuts,' but then that damned moderation comes back. It's all a very well choreographed meal plan, but it seems to suit me just fine.

    Next step: almonds dipped in microbasil butter.

  4. I feel very, very sorry for you, Face. Almonds are good and all (I especially love the tamari-roasted kind), but they're no toast. Although I would like to try almonds in cream cheese, and also almonds on toast.

  5. Microbasil (exactly what it sounds like) has been available at the Burlington Farmer's Market at 8:30 am from Half Pint Farms. It's usually gone by 9 and may be gone entirely by this Saturday's market, since it's a spring thing. But it's delicious and worth the early rise.