Thursday, June 18, 2009

the taxman is still gettin' me down

Like usual, we filed an extension instead of our taxes back in April (I'm assuming if there was a reason not to do this every year, our accountant would let us know). So we're doing our taxes now, which is, of course, taxing. And complicated. Yet boring.

But the hardest part is the teeny tiny bits of math I must do before I can take all these scraps of paper over to the accountant and let her start dealing with them. For example, I need to figure out the square footage of my office, and I have no idea how. My hunch is that I multiply the length by the width or something, but who the fuck knows for sure?

I really, reallly wish my friend Chas would start his bl*g about math and golf, so I could post questions in the comments. But so far he's all talk and no long division.


  1. To my favorite high school dropout with a master's degree:
    To find the square footage of a room multiply length an width.

  2. This is assuming it is rectagular, and not circular or some other crazy ass shape!

  3. It is, in fact, rectangular. But what if it were a circle? Would I divide the diameter by the circumference and then eat a piece of pi? [That's the kind of math humor I hope not to read on your bl*g, Chas.]