Thursday, October 8, 2009

he is not a hot dog, either

I'm waiting up for my flan to finish baking, after which it will need to cool, after which I will finally be able to go to bed, after which I will get up and work, after which I will buy ice cream on my way to dinner because I'm pretty sure this flan is going to be a disaster.

Things I will be avoiding in the future: making desserts that require a water bath, melting sugar to make caramel, and touching melted sugar with my fingertip to see if it's hot.

Things I do recommend: the yachtsman, the Neuhaus chocolates he brought me from DC:

In other news, the next person to call my puppy a wiener dog is gonna get pistol whipped. The pistol whipping may be metaphorical, but it will smart nonetheless:

Person in park: Hey, is that a wiener dog?
Me, brandishing metaphorical pistol: YOU'RE A WIENER DOG!

You've been warned.


  1. That flan better show up for dinner! The little wiener, too.

  2. i have used that same exact scientific method of testing the melting progress of sugar myself...not really recommended, that f-ing method.

  3. The flan was completely delicious. Never, never pay attention to any negative writing from the awesome cook who writes this blog.

  4. Holy shizazzle! That flan was the BOMB!!!! I never knew how much I love flan. Now I know!

  5. I dreamt of flan. It was hauntingly delicious.

  6. He might not be a hot dog but he sure is a Peanut!

  7. I'm still partial to Parsnip, but it doesn't sound nearly as appetizing as Peanut or Weiner.