Monday, October 26, 2009

hey, party people!

That's right, I'm talking to you, Vermonter! There's a Penny Cluse dinner here in Burlington this Thursday, and you'd be a fool not to go: It's the last dinner before a two-month hiatus, the food will be delicious and plentiful, the wine will be fine and also plentiful, the ladies will be delicious, fine, and maybe not plentiful (it's usually about 50-50), but, you know, there will be ladies. The yachtsman will be signing copies of his new book, my Greek stepmother promises to make an appearance if she can sneak past the paparazzi, Mary will be there looking for her little lamb, and I will be coming straight from yoga class, which may or may not explain my classy spandex outfit and odor. Party time!

The details, from Charles at the Cluse:

"Join us Thursday, October 29, at 7 p.m. for another chapter in the Summer Dinner Series. This time we're featuring Vermont lamb prepared in as many delicious and varied ways we can imagine. Count on a new sausage, maybe a little kibbeh...what to do with those colossal rutabegas? So many surprises on the way. The ice cream machine is turning out creamy treats, too. $40.00 will buy your dinner, including gratuity. A rainbow of wine and beer will be available for purchase. We'll be taking a holiday break in November and December. Last chance to join us before January."

As of this afternoon there were still a few seats left, so e-mail spuds [at] pennycluse [dot] com to let him know you're coming. As the kids these days say, "C U there hahaha LOL."


  1. I'm beginning to reconsider my commitment to a vegetarian life (ok - vegetarian and lobster life) just so I can go to one of these damn things and get to spend a little time with you and the yachtsman. Also - unannounced visits by couch jedis and sophisticated boaters (and also peanut sized weiner dogs)are encouraged and welcomed.

  2. how long do i have to wait for an update on this site? i am going to cancel my subscription.

  3. jshu, as a high-paying subscriber to this very expensive bl*g from which you are clearly not getting your money's worth, you should probably initiate one of those frivolous lawsuits you're famous for.

    And William, you should definitely start eating meat.

  4. instead of replying to my comment, could you not have just posted something new? with a photo of a bowl of oatmeal or something? I mean, it seems to you like i should just accept whatever you throw my way, since it's "free". But do you know how important i am? busy making million dollar deals, all day. 24x7. You have cost the world, and the environment, and me, countless dollars or carbon credits or whatever. I hope I don't need to remind you that by clicking on "Next Blog" I arrive here . I'm happy to make that the thing I do every morning and every night if it helps save the environment more than you are.

  5. Jesus, were you drunk when you wrote that last comment? The period goes INSIDE the end quotation mark.

  6. Doooooood! Ditto what John said!