Tuesday, November 3, 2009

it's significantly warmer on memory lane

I was just looking through photos from the spring and summer and waxing nostalgic for fava beans and strawberries, radish toast and asparagus with walnut crema, creemees and peonies and (last but far, far from least) my sweet Abe Lincoln (I may or may not have kissed my computer screen).

Even the huge worm I discovered in my salad last July now seems cute and endearing (versus bulbous and revolting, which is what I thought of it last summer).

But it's time now to look forward. You know, to rutabagas or whatever.


  1. i found a worm in my apple a few weeks ago and also had a photo blog session with it. i think it's supposed to be lucky or something.

  2. As long as it's not half a worm.

  3. What is this I see??? Three blog posts in three days?!!??! I LOVE IT!!!!!