Sunday, May 30, 2010

happy memorial day

The yachtsman, the pup, and I spent the weekend in the Adirondacks.

I appear to have developed acne while we were away, which is pretty exciting. But I didn't do much cooking, so I can't post any recipes, however I can direct you Burlington-area Vermonters to buy the premade crab cakes at Shelburne Meat Market and serve them with this sauce over a little arugula.

*Photos by the yachtsman and his Hipstamatic; credit for the premade-crab-cake idea goes to the Huzzahs, via my Greek stepmom.


  1. My, my, these pictures certainly are Elegant Art Images.

  2. I think I had some of that delicious sauce on a frittata at EBiddie's last week. It was SO good!

  3. Kate,

    almost bought this for you:, but had to keep it for myself...

  4. MADeWH, they're Elegant Art iMages.

    Putting that sauce on a frittata is a brilliant idea, LL, and I expect nothing less of our EBids...

    Suzanne, that T-shirt summarizes both the mission statement of this bl*g and my goal in life. I'm thinking I need a "Let me eat cake" tattoo.