Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the girl who never posts recipes anymore

I recently splurged on this:

The book, not the dog.

I've spent hours with it, reading and drooling over the photos and wishing Thomas Keller were my bitch. I mean, personal chef. What I have not done is cooked from it. I have not made the Spring Vegetable Garbure or the Roasted Beet and Potato Salad or even the Blowtorch Prime Rib Roast. Soon, I swear.

Other things I swear:

1. I swear I didn't notice when I read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo last fall whether the prose was good or bad (this was during that period after my dog died when I thought Twilight was brilliant, so clearly I was vulnerable and not judging books by the quality of the words inside them). But I just finished The Girl Who May or May Not Have Killed Three People, or whatever the second book is called, and the writing is so poor I was at times embarrassed for Stieg Larsson. Which doesn't matter at all: I could not put it down and am seriously considering breaking my no-hardcovers rule to buy The Girl Who Lives Happily Ever After With Both Fucking Kalle Blomkvist and Miriam Wu, which I hope is the title of the third book.

2. I swear, the yachtsman MADE me post this video.


  1. Stieg Larsson is a $6 bottle of wine, as my friend Colleen would say. It's easy to get through for sure and you feel great at the end but let's be honest, it doesn't have the structure or depth you might be looking for in a Cotes du Rhone. That being said I LOVED all three of those book and am currently listening to them on my ipod after having plowed through them in book form. I also went to see the first movie the day it came out with EBiddie and ordered the second movie from Kuala Lumpur so Ebiddie and I could watch it before it came out here. Just sayin'.

    As for that weiner dog video - is that Alvin of the Chipmunks singing there? Oh boy!

  2. There's so much I want to say here, but I'm just too busy tracking down Nazi serial rapists and hacking other people's bank accounts! Perhaps if I have some time I'll enjoy some open-faced sandwiches and some coffee before donning my black tank top and blowing out of town on my moped.

  3. For a moment I feared that it was Chester Arthur on that video. Then I saw the web site reference. Good thing; wouldn't ever want to see Chester Arthur endangered.

  4. You know I love you, but wake up and come to terms with the hard truth that many of us have already admitted: Twilight IS brilliant!

  5. The writing is pretty bad, but those books are SO good! I broke my no-hardcover rule for the second and third one. oops.
    I haven't started reading The Girl Who Lives Happily Ever After With Both Fucking Kalle Blomkvist and Miriam Wu because I'm afraid that finishing the last book will send me into some sort of extreme nerdy depression thing.

    p.s. Blogger needs to add the option of italicizing, underlining, etc. in the comments section. Caps only makes me feel like I'M ALWAYS YELLING AT YOU. ahem.

  6. I should not have pressed play to watch that video with audio while at work. Lesson learned.

    Another lesson learned: pushing Catman on a skateboard in our parking lot would be a funny and wise thing to do.

  7. LL, I think the Stieg Larsson books are actually a six-pack of PBR tallboys, and there's nothing wrong with that.

    I know you're probably not going to make it to book 2, Amy, but if you did you'd find yourself dining frequently at Burger King and McDonald's, of all places, and eating quite a lot of something called "Billy's Personal Pan Pizza." So perhaps it's best you quit with an open-faced sandwich in front of you.

    Dad, GFD's chief safety consultant would never approve a skateboard ride for Chester Arthur Miller. Can you imagine the liability issues?

    I will never admit it, Matt LaBee, though I will most likely re-borrow the fourth book, as I think this summer would be a good time to find out whether Bella and Edward ever consummate their love, which obviously they do, so I guess I don't need to read it, after all. Maybe over some pink wine you can just tell me how it ends?

    STOP YELLING AT ME, lmc! But seriously, I have the same worry about reading the third book (what will I have left to live for?), so I say we start a support group, a key component of which will be pink wine, see above. And I have the same irritation with not being able to underline and italicize in comments -- I wonder if there's a way?

    Face, if you get Catman on a skateboard, I hope to god you film it, get one of the Chipmunks to sing on the soundtrack, and post it on YouTube. Pretty please?

  8. gfd, the support group sounds fab. I happen to have an inside connection to the pink wine at City Market that gets me 10% off 6+ bottles. Oh wait, everyone gets that.
    Le sigh.

  9. No sweat, darlin', you don't have to buy that third book. Lucky lady and I will GIVE it to you. Unfortunately, once you finish it you won't be
    able to read anything else for weeks. You'll just be watching that video
    over and over again.