Thursday, May 28, 2009

kids say the darndest things

The yachtsman was out of town last night, so I planned to spend the evening doing all of my favorite/the yachtsman's least favorite things: Going to yoga, eating gruel, and watching Gossip Girl. When the littlest sister joined me for the night, rather than change my plans and do something that would appeal to a sprinkle-cake-eating, Twilight-watching twenty-one-year-old, I forced her to join in my old lady fun. (I actually didn't have to force her to watch GG -- she loves it -- but the yoga class and the gruel eating involved actual threats.)

Garbanzo beans with romesco and feta

The littlest sass on yoga: "Oh my god, that was so hard!" And then later in the evening: "Oh my god, I feel so...zen."

The littlest sass on sauteed beet greens topped with Doe's Leap feta cheese (which she DID NOT want to eat): "Oh my god, I don't get it -- why does this taste so good?"

The littlest sass on microbasil butter and radishes on toast (she BEGGED me not to put the radishes on her toast): "Oh my god, I love this! You asshole!"

The littlest sass on wilted arugula topped with a soft-boiled egg: "I will not be eating this again."

The littlest sass on Gossip Girl: "Oh my god, you totally think Chuck Bass is hot! And he's my age!"

Postprandial littlest sass: "Oh my god, is the gruel making you fart?"

And the indoctrination was complete.

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